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My Notes of Success

Remember: You never know who knows who you your best at all times, and you will be rewarded in ways unexpected...


My Testimony: Summer of 2002, I worked at a  Bay Area Health Center. I treated a woman for chronic pain; weeks later, she completed her therapy with me and recommended I contract my services at the hotel she worked at.....NOTE: I had the absolute honor of providing service to visiting NFL teams...a foot in the right door led to a thriving career opportunity....Always present yourself professionally, with a smile!!!!

Off-Season 2011: What a post-season! I had some of my regular athletes to take care of and added on a few more NFL and UFL players from out-of-state teams! Good luck, and we will be watching as you continue to thrive! I am always ready to help keep them going, and the Combine went well for my young baller.



Working with the NBA Officials this 2022-23 season at Chase and Golden 1 Center #This AT keeping 'em on that court #SelectMedical

These AT per diems are a blast. covered AJGA Golf Tournament, Rugby matches, Soccer tournaments, and Lacrosse clinics, I'm at them ALL!!!

#No Sport Gets Left Behind #GO4

Shout out to my Westmont HS Warriors keeping me busy....2022-now  

I had the opportunity to work with the NBA Golden State Warriors 2021-2022 season & playoff prep..helping a fellow therapist meet demands when needed! I'm always up for these adventures  ~2022 & still going~             

Fresno State Football GO DAWGS 2021 season


#The journey with this kid!......#HS to College to.....

*Masters Degree in Athletic Training 2022!!!!! CHECKED That Box



2020 Covid-19 temporary interruption....started my master's program in athletic training @ UOP

2016-2020 Team contract Raider nation-Soft Tissue Manual Therapist

*A-Team #Rehab Tuesdays #Rehab Fridays #Always On Call

                                   #My RBs                                                # My Punter

2017- I actually had the opportunity to work with some fantastic Rookies & Veterans at camp in Napa and at the Raider Facility this season.. Open minds get open opportunities!! #DreamsDoComeTrue
2018-Let the Greatness begins! More Sports Therapies-Cupping, IASTM... Stay Tuned...
Blasts from the Pasts...

~7/11~Raiders are back in Napa..yes, I joined them for a few days and enjoyed seeing some of the players I worked with last season! I'm ready for some football! Thanks, guys.


That's a promise year-round! ~8/11~NFL Season is in full motion moving forward quickly! This is my busy season, but rest assured, I still keep my office hours for all of my clientele, so do not hesitate to contact me when you need me!!!!

NOTE of the WISE: I work with everyone. I'm a fan of the player, not just the team, keep your door open, and opportunities won't have to knock, they will come right in!

The Bay Area Breeze Professional Women's Soccer team is amazing! I am happy I was able to assist with their Sports Therapy & Bodywork for 3 seasons-2011-2013~ 


~8/12~Raider Camp in Napa...49er Camp in Santa Clara..Much support to the Bay Area Teams..remember, I support MY athletes ALWAYS, wherever they go! 2012 ~ let's Get it Started.

TRAINING CAMP!! I lost a few key players during the off-season but added some more great players this season! Are we ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!! ~8/1/13~Its that time of the year again..


I am glad to provide my services to you. ~2013-Had my Raiders opportunity to work with local athletes representing the Browns & Bengals. Thank you for this great opportunity.


~2014 The year I doubled my Raiders tripled the fun! Busy times, great new players, everyone played, and my Veterans played all 16 games! Raider Nation!


~2016 Another successful year with my Pro Ballers, went a week post season Finally!!!! 2017 will be another great year!

~Coming soon-more certs to complement therapies, will keep you posted!


~ Amador, Foothill, Monte Vista, San Ramo Valley High Schools: I support All of my athletes, whether my son plays with you or against you!


High School athletes ~ Stretch, be aware and listen to your body and prepare for greatness!!! I am here to help YOU perform WELL and help get you ready for that optimal performance!! #nextlevel


"Teaching takes patience, skill and professionalism is acquired  through teaching, choose your instruction wisely" ~GG
-All clients are treated equally-period.
* Adv Sports Massage I and II NCBTMB CE courses were a  big success in Spring 2014 *
Always remember," Communication is key, and reading is fundamental" ~ GG
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