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Therapy Services


Soft tissue manual therapies are used in treatment sessions in conjunction with various modalities that compliment the healing process of soft tissue overuse, dysfuntion, injuries and restore proper function and movement patterns. Relaxation of muscular discomfort can be achieved with manual therapy treatments and assistive modality tools. We are properly credentialed and formally trained with 25+years working experience in the field of sports therapy, bodywork, and massage.
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            60 & 90 minute sessions available:         

Bodywork & Flush (60 min)

 Rejuvenates the body's circulatory pathways encouraging tight muscles to release and restore restricted tissues

Fascial Stretch Therapy (45 min)

Fascial Stretch focus reduces restriction and restores active movement patterns


 Performance, Recovery & Balance (90 min)

Correctional therapies are Integrated with modalities for improved function and performance maintenance.


*FST: Fascial Stretch Therapy

* Cupping

*IASTM: Graston Technique

*Rock Tape: a special kinesiology tape used  for correctional purposes of injury rehab & recovery of sports performance

*Athletic Training services for sports/event coverage

*Standard & Custom Plans Available

* Travel fees vary with location 

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